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Our FROG- Forever Reliant On Good 

Our Frog was designed by a neat guy call Jordan Foster - a cool designer.  We wanted a symbol for our business that epitomised what we stood for.  FROG - the acronym stands for ‘Forever Relying On Good’.  As an altruistic business, that’s us!!  Relying on doing good, to do well by the world we live in


Not only is the Frog a great acronym, but it’s also a great symbol.


As an amphibian the FROG is very sensitive to change, and as our environment changes, the world suffers and the FROG’s are among the first to disappear. The Frog is a symbol of our environmental vulnerability and our need for ecological care. We are striving to provide this care through offering sustainable energy solutions 


Maud Island Frog:


Maud Island frog is one of New Zealand’s four surviving native frog species. The other species are Hochstetter’s frog, Archey’s frog and Hamilton’s frog – all of which are nationally endangered.

New Zealand's native frogs have several distinctive features, which make them very different from frogs elsewhere in the world:

They have no external eardrum.

They have round (not slit) eyes.

They don't croak regularly like most frogs.

They don't have a tadpole stage. The embryo develops inside an egg, and then hatches as an almost fully-formed frog.










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