Meet The Team at SO

We are two brothers, a great friend and a group of wonderful colleagues on a mission. We are pretty passionate about the world around us; community, people and the environment. As we look around the world, it’s hard (in fact very, very hard) not to notice the inequity, the suffering, the poverty, the injustice. It’s all around us; shaping and challenging the way we live life (if we choose to look beyond our own immediate needs).


As we consider the billions of people who live in poverty, the tragedy of war, the negligence of greed, the injustice of inequity, and the fact that we are living in a world where our environment is in decline and the rate of decline is! This inspires, begs, challenges us, to do our bit for a better world.


We want to be an ‘altruistic business’, working for the good of others. We believe business can be about so much more than profit, so Sustainability Options has been established to ‘walk the talk’. Keen to hear more about our journey?

Phil Gregg

    Phil has a young family, a history of business entrepreneurship, and became passionate about sustainability right about the time children came on the scene. Phil is an accredited Home Performance Advisor, has been trained in home ‘warrant of fitness’ development, and is a member of EMANZ and has had a crack a building a few sustainable homes.

    Jo Wills_mugshot.jpg

    Jo Wills

    Jo's been involved in sustainability for over 10 years, focusing on business, energy, transport and housing. She's a long time advocate, raising awareness of the relationship between social equity, environmental quality and urban well-being and is actively involved with Trade Aid, community groups and movements towards these outcomes. Jo is trained in The Natural Step, is a certified Home Performance Advisor, writes about sustainability and believes in a world where people are prioritised over profit.

      Nik Gregg

        Has a corporate management background. He’s always been passionate about ‘business for good’ and he began to see the ‘sustainability’ light through good advice from his wife. With a family of young adults, he wants to leave them a world to be proud of. Nik is a national HPA trainer with 13 years involvement in housing performance and a bunch of associated accreditations. He has supported and lead a number of charitable and community focused organisations.

        Kirsty Caleb Willis.jpg

        Willis, Caleb & Kirsty

          We spent a half day out helping with some riparian planting. That's Willis, Caleb (the young one with his head down) and Kirsty at the end of our day at the Kaituna kūkūwai. 









          Kim, Tim & Jacqui

            We recently had a half day as a team making up helpful gift sets (towels, sheets, pillow cases and carpet mats) for the whānau we are visiting. That's Jacqui, Tim (apols you can't see his face) and Kim in the background.

            Amir and Lee.jpg

            Lee & Amir

              This was a really neat day we had, helping restore a home that needed some TLC. That's Lee and Amir and a volunteer who is helping us prep and paint the home which we gave a  bit of SO love :).