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Our business model for doing good

Sustainability Option's Alturistic business model

They say that ‘models’ are a good way to create collective understanding, to establish collective action….we have established a business model that seeks to deliver on the demonstration we are endeavoring to provide. We call it an ‘altruistic’ business model.  It’s based on 4 points (if we see the model as two dimensional). The four points correspond to the points of a compass – these points provide direction to the business:


The 4 points of the two dimensional model are based on the compass:


North: what is the true north of our business - the purpose. Why are we doing business? Is it bigger than us? Is it bigger than profit? Is it about others? 


East: when we get up every day, how will be conduct our business. The Way we do business? Does it involve words like compassion, care, concern, love, are these good descriptors of our way? 


South: When do we do business? Do we do business before trust or after trust? Do you provide a service with relationship? Or do you deliver a something with contract? 


West: at the end of the day, What will we do with our business success? Will we keep it to ourselves? Protect it? Grow it?  Or will we share it and give it?








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