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Proud to know

Here's a few pretty cool websites from some like-minded businsses

Make It Ethical

The purpose of this site, is to research good organisations that are ethical and sustainable in what they do. If you want some ideas of great ethical and sustainable products, check out this site, it has a great blog and some neat recommendations – we’ve used it a bit.

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Plenty Permaculture

Catherine and Neville are amazing people, providing training, events and courses in Permaculture, very cool!

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Home Performance Advisor programme

The vision of the Home Performance Advisor programme is for homeowners to be able to rely on advice that is based on the latest research and best practice.


Tradebank is about big hearted tradies donating their time and skills to help fix up minor repairs to make homes warmer, drier and healthier.

Sustainable Business Network

Their network includes 600 organisations that connect through events, resources and projects to help New Zealand become a more sustainable nation.

Trade Aid

They have been combining development and trade for over 40 years, illustrating that it is possible to use business to build a better world.

Make Good

Make Good is a resource for sustainability in the fashion and apparel industry. Our focus is on responsible innovation, circular strategies, and education, and we are passionate about creating change towards a circular system for our clothes.


Ecobob stands for “Eco = Ecologically friendly” + “bob = Best of Both”. This site has some great content and is seeking to provide more information about good choices, it has a strong blog, and we personally know the team at Eco Bob.

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