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Energy Management

We have experience in energy management, having assessed, and worked with; commercial buildings, educational institutions, domestic dwellings, new build plans and retirement villages. 


We are accredited by EECA to provide energy management services to commercial enterprises and where appropriate, to seek government subsidy for energy management and planning. 


Our experience involves; providing simple cost effective assessments, identifying and prioritizing action according to return on investment and quickly identifying the ‘low hanging fruit’. We focus on understanding the behaviors of the organization and how best to engage the staff, whilst working with the organization to develop a plan and appropriate policies and processes that will enable ongoing energy reductions beyond the initial engagement.  


Our methods are pragmatic, practical and cost effective. Whilst the implementation of technology is helpful, without staff engagement and behavior change, full energy savings are often not realized, with the energy investment made by the organization often being compromised. Our focus is on staff engagement and staff optimization of any investment implemented. 


Complete energy management, moves through the phases of: assessment, analysis, consideration, review, recommendations, planning, policy & process, solutions, management and implementation. We have experience in all stages and the capability to work with organisations on some or all of the parts of the energy management process, as is the most suitable situation for the organization. 


Case study: 


Our work with Trident High School, began with a concept that resulted in an energy assessment and the development and adoption of a 5 year energy plan. Over the past 3 years, the school has worked with Sustainability Options and pursued the energy plan, achieving; energy savings of over $30,000 per year and an energy reduction of 21%. Together, Sustainability Options and Trident High School are seeking a 40% energy reduction and savings in excess of $40,000 per year. 








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