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Home Assessments

We want to influence and transform the way people see and engage business and the marketplace, and we feel the best way to influence this change, is to be the change we want to see - so we have committed to giving our knowledge away for free, to helping others live in healthier, better and more sustainable homes. We figure, that if we give away our knowledge for free, then there are no barriers to us being a positive impact on a sustainable future for our children's grandchildren. 'One house at a time'; we want to help people where they are at, with good independent information, good advice, well researched evidence, about improving our living conditions for a more sustainable future.

There are two ways you could tap in to our free home assessment service;

a) we are more than happy to come visit your home and to give whatever advice we can for free, this is what we do and love to do (see right button below),

b) however, a good number of people have asked "how can we contribute or donate towards the free assessments". So we have set up an option to bid on a home assessment through Trademe (see left button below). Any income received through these bids will be directed towards supporting our fee home assessments for all.



To bid on a home assessment

For a free home assessment 

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