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Housing Performance

Our core business is to visit homes Free of Charge and to provide whatever knowledge (independent & trustworthy) we can to assist them in sustainable living.


We provide advice on new home builds – how to build more effectively, sustainably and what to consider first, renovations – priorities, focus and what are the right things to concentrate one, or simply doing things better in the current home environment – how can we drive our home better? 


Our visits are to homes who desire information about; how to lower their power bills, how to conserve water, how to be more energy efficient, how to handle waste more efficiently, how to be more sustainable. Our visits are always about having conversations, about finding out what is important for the home that we are visiting. It’s not about what we think, it’s about what we know and what the home / householder feels is most important to them. 


Our first priority and key focus, is to provide independent, trustworthy advice. We can’t do this if our objective is to sell or if we become immersed in a sales conversation. So we focus our recommendations on general solutions that the home can access locally, and only if we are invited to do so, will we offer a solution ourselves. 


By invitation we can provide solutions in the following: 


  • Solar water heating 

  • Solar electric (solar PV) 

  • Lighting 

  • Insulation 

  • Rain water harvesting 

  • Central heating 

  • Hot water heat pumps 

  • Monitoring 








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