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  • Nik Gregg

The EV Journey begins

Had the immense pleasure of attending Tauranga's first shopping mall EV station yesterday. Congratulations and well done to the Bay Fair team. Amazing effort. An electric vehicle owner can now fast charge their vehicle whilst attending the mall.

The reason I write this, is because Jo Wills, our Sustainability development manager has been holding heaps and heaps of discussions with lots and lots people around establishing, promoting, and advocating for electric vehicles in the BOP. Jo has been a strong advocate, seed sower and catalyst for the benefits to NZ of engaging electric vehicles. Many moons ago, she sowed some seeds in a conversation with Steve Ellingford at Bay Fair and from that conversation grew a wonderful outcome which we saw yesterday. All credit to Steve for his forward thinking and action, and a big ups for the huge collaboration by Powerco, the Regional Council and the many others involved in this initiative.

There's lots of talk and rhetoric around EV's and the huge benefits to NZ; 80% reduced environmental impact over the life of the vehicle, the ability to significantly reduce our nation's reliance on fossil fuels and the positive impact on our balance of payments and economic standing, the lower costs to run for the user, the improved performance, quieter running, less pollution......the list goes on, but for our communities, our environment, for future generations to benefit from this technology, we need people to stand out, stand up and to start things happening, not for financial reward, but for the simple benefit of others.

Sustainability Options is constantly looking for projects, activities and momentum that will grow and encourage the advance of social and environmental sustainability. Advancing the ability of the community to embrace electric vehicles for the benefit of the community, seemed like a worthy cause to pursue. Wouldn't it be fantastic if the community could not just partake in an electric vehicle future, but could be a signifcant stake holder! So that our future in this space is not decided by profit interests, but rather by community outcomes? True partnership between community, business and government?

Jo, your many conversations, your passion, your research, your commitment to lots and lots of discussions is starting to have an impact!

Jo is now involved in conversations across the Bay of Plenty, seeking to be a stimulant, connection point and a catalyst for community EV engagement where-ever it may benefit the community, the environment and future generations. She has a wealth of knowledge, a huge amount of passion and is willing to share and to help anyone seeking to be part of this positive environmental impact.

The journey is only just beginning, but it appears be a positive legacy to leave our children's grandchildren......

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