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  • Nik Gregg

Diary of a new EV vehicle owner

Took the van on a drive over to Rotorua today - two of us in the vehicle. We were a bit nervous (a wee bit of range anxiety), but it all went very well!! Thanks Unison for the free use of the Rapid Charge Station! This enabled us to get home, with no sweat at all!

Am now getting in to mode of happily charging the van at home, and on long trips, using a rapid charger.

It's a great van to drive. Drove it around all last week with a full load - it went well.

Dec 5th 2016

Sustainability Options has purchased its first EV vehicle. We purchase a fully electric Van! (see photo below). Last week on Thursday, we took it out for a number of home assessments. We knew it would be touch and go, but we wanted to push it to the limit. We covered around 100k's (the Van has a range of 170k's). So, a few more hills than we thought, and we turned off Eco Mode and then we ran the distance down! But the van did great, and I got to Bayfair shopping mall and was able to put it on charge. Below is my hungry wee van, getting a good power top up!

It took me 22 minutes to fuel up the van, and in that time I did some productive work and frequented the shopping mall. I was stoked.

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