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Project Management

Our skill sets and experiences are wide and varied when it comes to project management, and our training and accreditation is also broad. 


We have the ability to manage projects from the point of; assessing the need and analyzing the situation, to the development of management plans or the engagement of governance and the establishment of policy, right through to the implementation, co-ordination and delivery of the actual solution. 


No project is too small. Our commitment to the environment and to future generations reflects strongly in our pricing, so don’t be afraid to ask, we’ll help where we can. 


We have managed projects around: 


  • Installation of solar systems (electric and thermal) 

  • Implementation of insulation 

  • Upgrades of lighting 

  • Co-ordination of heating and cooling solutions 

  • Development of organization policy 

  • Engagement of staff in sustainability practices 

  • Development of management plans associated to energy reductions, water conservation, waste minimization 

  • Co-ordination of rain water harvesting systems 

  • Waste minimization 

  • Sustainable transport (Electric vehicles and bio-fuels) 

  • Research in to best practice or solution options 


Some of our recent organizational customers are: 


  • Metlifecare 

  • Powerco 

  • DHB 

  • Mackenzie Elvin 

  • Toi to Ora 

  • Nga Manapuna Oranga 

  • Trident High School 

  • Tauranga Regional Kindergartens Association 

  • Ohope Beach Resort  








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