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Hi Jo:

Many thanks, Jo, for your comprehensive report!


This is really in-depth information, thanks, and the attachments are really helpful too.


We’ve already purchased enough batts to cover the garage ceiling area, and we had some thermal curtains from Tasmania which just happen to fit the French doors in the dining area. We also have a curtain provider coming in on Tuesday to give us a quote for all the windows you recommended.


It was great to meet you, Jo, and we will definitely highlight the quality and value of your service to Rotorua Lakes Council in due course.


We’ll certainly be in touch if we need further advice, or run into any snags.



Hi Phil:

Neville and I so appreciated your visit last week to look at our retrofit plans and talk with us about materials.  Your first comment about a new window manufacturer is going to save us thousands.  Your insite into how to decide whether to go with a cast iron wood stove vs the gas LPG hob we already have, again is going to save us thousands.  Thank you so much for doing the work you do.   I will recomend you to everyone I know who is on the verge of making decisions about getting into renewable energy, building a new home or retrofitting.







 I had Phil gregg come and check our place out and he saved me 25.00 a month and it cost me nothing for the advice.  Ring him and have a talk on 544182 this is the only advise i have had that is completely free – Noel and Jean

"The service that Sustainability Options gives is invaluable, it is free, and ethical advice is supplied in our home taking into account our building, its placement and construction, our appliances, and our living habits. Phil helps get thoughts clear so we can continue our own journey without fear of what someone is trying to sell us!


Have you ever noticed that little smiley face on your power bill sitting in a wee corner, pretty close to the words direct debit and nudged just beside the bar chart showing your power use?  


Like most of you I had not, or if I had I had never bothered to figure out why it was there. Smiley faces and power bills don’t generally go together do they?   Oh how that has all changed for me.  Now I open my power bills with a weird sense of excitement just to see how much I have saved, rather than how much I have to shell out.  The strange change in attitude is the result of meeting Phil Gregg of  S.O.  (Sustainability Options).  



Phil and his brother Nik have set out to give guidance and advice on our energy use and conservation. They have been providing this for free, under their SO banner and have visited hundreds of homes in the Bay of Plenty.  I thought I knew a fair bit about conserving power. I was even doing papers from a sustainable energy diploma and had proudly paraded my sustainable–ish lifestyle amongst friends and family and whoever would care to listen for quite some time.  I now realise however, I had come to a bit of a halt on the things I could improve and needed a gentle shove.   Phil was the clear motivator here, he acknowledged the good stuff and then spring-boarded me to the next stage. His suggestions ranged from learning to understand my power bill to changing some power hungry bulbs and appliances.  After making some of Phil’s suggested changes, my power bill literally took a dive to zero and I received a credit. Trust Power had over-estimated my pervious bill and then had to reimburse me.  Now after a little bedding-in our bills sit at around 60% less than their previous average.  


Now that is something to smile about!









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