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Solar Energy

We have a long history and association to the implementation of solar energy solutions. We have been involved and been responsible for the implementation of hundreds of solar water heating systems and hundreds of solar electric systems.


We are now involved in electric vehicle charging station infrastructure and electric vehicles themselves. 


Our approach and philosophy to solar energy is very much based on the mantra; optimize return on investment, by minimizing the investment need. 


The environmental impact aligns well with the investment impact of over-investing in solar solutions, or of considering the wrong application of solar technology. Less is more!  We can benefit the environment and the balance sheet, by considering carefully how to ensure that solar technology works in harmony with energy conservation and energy efficiency. 


We have been a preferred supplier of solar water heating and solar electric systems, because we follow three principles: 


  • Take the time to understand fully the energy behaviors and needs of the organisations 

  • Recommend a system that supports and encourages energy efficiency & energy conservation and ensure staff engagement and understanding 

  • Solar systems are one step in the energy management journey, not the last step, don’t install and then leave, install and commit to stay with the organization to ensure energy optimization and behavior change 








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