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Sustainability Options is an ‘altruistic business’ established with a core purpose: to work for the benefit of others with compassion and generosity. Community, Social and Environmental concerns are our key priorities. 85% of our profits will be directed to charity, to community, to our vision of doing good, to our staff, and back to our customers.  We have an amazing vision and a neat story, check out our vision, mission and goals below…

Why do we do what we do?


Simply because we want to leave a more harmonious world for our grandchildren to live in- if we don't care for the environment or look out for one another, what sort of world will we leave?

1 - Why

One day we dream... 


That we might inspire, encourage and see a world served by compassionate business

2- Vision

If we could...



Engage all willing people in doing business for social justice, environmental care, charitable good, people compassion. Wouldn't that be a great mission?!

3 - Mission

What we want to do is...


Advocate, promote and engage as many people as possible in ethical and sustainable living solutions 

4 - What

Our goal is...



To visit every home and provide free sustainable living advice

5 - Goal
Feel welcome to contact us personally

Phil Gregg: 027 496 0995

Nik Gregg: 027 258 0060

59 Seventh Avenue Tauranga:

Our commitment is to share our knowledge willingly, freely and wherever we can, so we figure it’s a good thing if you know how to get a hold of us personally - on the front page, not the back!

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