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Sustainability Options is an altruistic business established with a core purpose: to work for the benefit of others with compassion and generosity. Community, Social, and Environmental concerns are our key priorities. We provide free sustainable living advice in the Bay of Plenty region.


Our mahi is whānau centric. Journeying with whānau and community groups creates the ability to build relationships and community capacity.

Sharing knowledge

Knowledge is only powerful once it has been shared. We share sustainable living advice we've acquired throughout our time helping people.


We want to leave a more harmonious world for our children's grandchildren to live in by sharing social and environmental sustainability advice.

A for-profit, for purpose.

We run our business a little differently from most. We know that. As a compassionate business, Sustainability Options operates for the common good, not for the private profit. Have a look at what we are aiming to do.


We're fiercely passionate about working for the common good. This section is all about our passion and how it drives the mahi we do. 

We're pretty ambitious with the offerings we want to provide as an organisation, we share our visions, skills and work out what we can do for you.

We've been in business since 2012, and in this time we've worked in social and environmental sustainability in many different spaces. This section is a trip down memory lane for the different ways we've shared sustainable living advice and provides an insight into how we got where we are now, and some skills we have that may be less obvious.

We want to share our IP, so others don't need to reinvent the wheel. We've collated our tips and learnings from our time in the sustainability space for anyone to access.

There are a lot of incredible organisations in our region who are working towards an aligned kaupapa. This is a space that holds directories of some of the incredible services and support we all have available to us.

You need to be able to contact us! So whatever you need to contact us about, we have a space for you to reach out here!


We're committed to helping people and the environment, sharing our knowledge willingly, freely, and wherever we can. So we figure the best way to do this is to make sure our contact details are one of the first things you see - not hidden at the back! Feel free to give us a call and have a chat!

Reach out to us personally:
Nik Gregg: 027 258 0060
Phil Gregg: 027 496 0995


A huge focus of Sustainability Options' mahi currently is centered around our 20 Degrees vision: For all homes in the Bay of Plenty to be able to maintain 20 degrees on a cold, winters night. 

Find out more about our mahi towards our 20 Degrees vision on our 20 Degrees portal.


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