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Sustainability Options was founded in 2012 when brothers Nik and Phil decided to showcase what business for good could operate like, and how it just may be the recipe for sustainably conscious business development.


We understand that the typical business model is guided by profit margins and KPIs for profit and dividend maximization. That's not what spins our wheels. We want to be guided by doing good for others.

We also understand that registered charities don't pay taxes, and are constrained by being registered for tax exemption. That doesn't spin our wheels either. We want to pay our taxes, and we want to help as many people as possible by being a business.

We believe all businesses should be charitable and it shouldn't be left to registered charities to be the sole model of charity, compassion, care, and concern. Now that does spin our wheels.

SO, we have chosen to operate as an altruistic business. 

What is an altruistic business? Well, it is a business that focusses on working for the common good. We focus on the creation of social value, believing that economic value will follow.

Our Why

Simply because we want to leave a more harmonious world for our children's grandchildren to live in- if we don't care for the environment or look out for one another, what sort of world will we leave?

Our Core Foundations

Our Vision

That we might inspire, encourage and see a world served by compassionate business.


Our Mission

Engage all willing people in doing business for social justice, environmental care, charitable good, people compassion.

Our What

Continue to advocate, promote, and engage as many people as possible in ethical and sustainable living solutions.


Our Goal

To visit every home and provide free sustainable living advice.



Want to know how we're achieving this in business?

From 2012, we've been intentional in showcasing this altruistic business model. Take a walk down Sustainability Option's memory lane and see just how we have been walking this talk in a variety of sectors. 


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