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The frog for us is an acronym. Forever Reliant On Good. That's us!

As an altruistic business, we rely on doing good, to do well by the world we live in. And in turn, the success of our business is reliant on us doing good.  We're reliant on ourselves to be continuously looking at how we can do good for our team so that we can continue to go out and do good in our world. 

This is what creates success for us, this purpose over profits.

We have a vision of the whole world being reliant on good, and this reliance on good fostering a more compassionate world.

This is what our logo represents for us. 

While we're talking about frogs...

They're a great mascot for our mahi irrespective of the catchy acronym. 

Frogs are amphibians, meaning they're very sensitive to change, and as our environment changes, the world suffers, and the frogs are among the first to disappear. The frog represents our environmental vulnerability and our need for ecological care.

We're striving to provide this care by offering sustainable living and energy advice. 


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